As promised in the Afterword at the end of Volunteering Fundraising Simplified, here are some great resources to help you with your fundraising projects and continue to explore how you can raise money for a cause you love.


These PDFs are related to different sections of Volunteer Fundraising Simplified. PDF documents can be opened on most computers, but if they don’t work straight away, install Adobe Acrobat PDF viewer – it’s free.

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Communications Review Checklist

From Chapter 3: Communicating is so Important. Use this checklist whenever you are preparing or reviewing fundraising and marketing communications.

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Communications No-No’s and Things to Avoid

From Chapter 3: Communicating is so Important. Use this a reminder of what you shouldn’t do when you are crafting communication content.

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7 Tips for Crafting Successful Communications

From Chapter 3: Communicating is so Important. Use this to help you craft great communications.

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8 Components for Saying Thank You

From Chapter 6: Is Thanking Donors Important? Use this when crafting thank you messages to make sure you have including the important information.

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Thank You for Donations Template

From Chapter 6: Is Thanking Donors Important? Use this as your starting format for thank you messages.

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Auction Sheet Template

From Chapter 7: Fundraising in Person. Use this as your starting format for managing an Auction.

Fundraising Advice and Guidance

There is a wealth of fundraising advice and guidance. Some of it is excellent, but some just isn’t that good.  To get you started on your own journey into this maze of information, I’m providing you with the sources that I think are the cat’s ass – they are the best of the best.

Each link will provide you with excellent information by way of free newsletters, articles, webinars, courses, free advice and consulting services.

Exploring fundraising with these links, will lead you to more and more links.  Off you go and enjoy what you discover.

Let me know any other content you’d like to see here from Volunteer Fundraising Simplified, or any comments you may have for me.  Whenever I discover another great site, I’ll add it above, so stop by this page every so often an see if anything new interests you.

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